What You Need to Make Those Trendy Glass Cans

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Happy Spring! The weather is starting to warm up which means it's time to start drinking iced coffee again! (Unless you're like me & iced coffee season goes year-round). If you're on TikTok, you've probably come across lots of cute, aesthetic "Day in the Life" Videos which almost always start off with a cup of coffee in an adorable glass.  

Whether you're looking to start your own craft business, make gifts for friends & family, or just want a cute cup to drink your coffee in, you really only need a few supplies!

1. Cricut

Blue Cricut Explore Air

You can't really get around this, a Cricut is a must-have for this project! I use a Cricut Explore Air 2, but any model will work, even the budget-friendly Cricut Joy!

2. Vinyl & Transfer Tape

I use Cricut's permanent vinyl, but Oracal is also a great alternative!  Pick any color you like & don't forget to get a roll of transfer tape as well!

3. Weeding Tool

I use the Cricut brand weeding tool, which has worked great for me! This is absolutely necessary if you plan on using an intricate design with lots of little holes and pieces to separate out, like my butterfly glass can below!

4. Glass Cans

Last but certainly not least, you'll need the glass cans.  You can buy a single can from Crate & Barrel, or buy from a restaurant supply store like Katom or Global Industrial if you're looking to start your own business!

Happy crafting!

- Cait

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